Projekt 15

Project 15 – our compact Leather Organizer – the ultimate sidekick for crafters! Designed for crochet hooks, knitting needles, and circular knitting needles, this little wonder is a game-changer. With a separate zip compartment for added organization and pockets tailored for wires, it’s your go-to solution for keeping everything in place. Plus, sealing the deal with a touch of elegance, it’s closed by a golden push button. Say goodbye to crafting chaos – hello to your stylish and functional crafting companion!
H:15 x W:24 x D:1 cm


Vörunúmer PRO15 Vöruflokkur Tagg


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PROJECT 15 is crafted from our Urban quality, which is naturally colored cow leather. Before the surface is finished, it is treated with dye to preserve the original pattern of the raw leather. The quality is defined by its natural and soft appearance and feel, with each case being unique with individual characteristics. After the case is dyed, a light wax is manually applied to the surface. You can optionally apply RE:DESIGNED leather balm to your case to enhance the durability of the leather and make it more resistant to dirt and water.


Black/Gold, Burned Tan/Gold, Walnut/Gold


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