Saturn Mini

small handmade leather bag

Saturn mini is a beautiful mini version of the popular Saturn bag from muud – and it might just be one of cutest bags we’ve ever seen. Maybe you’re working on a pair of soft socks or a stylish scarf? Saturn mini is handmade with soft quality leather for perfectly storing and carrying a smaller knitting and crochet project. Just like its big sister, the bag features carefully crafted details – and even though it’s small, it is guaranteed to cause a big stir. Saturn mini is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a bag that is bound to get noticed.

Carry the bag just like a crossbody.
Designed with practical exterior and interior lining pockets, the bag provides space for most of your everyday essentials. The two holes at the top allow you to leave your yarn in the bag while knitting – which will keep your yarn tangle-free.

Saturn mini is designed to make your everyday life a little easier – without having to compromise on design. The beautiful leather bag has a timeless look that will age with beauty.

• Genuine leather
• Practical exterior and interior pockets
• Smart slits for threading yarn
• Authentic leather in premium quality that will last for many years to come


Vörunúmer QB-4431 Vöruflokkur Tagg


Fáðu aðstoð við að velja rétt garn og/eða rétta liti í s: 856 0533

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Shoulder strap: Yes, adjustable and detachable, 130 cm
Height: 14 cm
Diameter: 15 cm
Material: Leather
Lining: Polydrill with a smooth surface to ensure easy maintenance
Care information: muud Care & Clean

Leather is a natural material, and its appearance may therefore vary from product to product. The actual product colour may also vary from the visual representation on this website.


Svartur, Whisky


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